Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Open Innovation Day #2

We've had some discussions around parking and the problems around it. Good input and we hope to get something visual done in this area soon. So far its just whiteboard sketches:

We found some cool concepts on cars that park them self:

Sensors (heartbeat) are stirring up some thoughts and must be investigated further, sensors in cars that senses the drivers and passenger are cool to think about since most applications of sensors are around making the car sense it's surroundings.

In our project room we are also pushing for more concepts around the dashboard & peripheral devices so it was nice to see Neldeborns comments about remote access to your parking via an phone app.

We are working with the idea of "cross device handover" of a call. How can a call go from using the portability of the mobile phones to the screen size and video call possibilities of a TV? We want a smooth experience where you don't hang up on the phone and initiate a Skype call. The thing that needs to be brainstormed is the "super cool hand over mechanism".

Click the picture to see the movie on flickr:

Holographic displays are now in the mix thanks to Jeremias. Here is a video for you who discard it as sci fi, boyaka, it's here!

Screen technology is now in the lead if we count the votes, but the second day we haven't seen any creative input. So we are hoping for more ideas on how we will use screens and what they will be able to do in the future.

If you don't like to read (but somehow made it this far) you can go to for our output in picture format.

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