Thursday, July 8, 2010

Storyboard for Open Innovation

Here is the storyboard for our inspirational movie, we are shooting it just now as I write this text. It goes a little something like this:

Harold wakes up and snoozes the alarm using a gesture above the phone.

He then continues to read some news in his bed.

He finds an article he likes and expands the screen to get a better reading experience and decides to share it to his friends.

Somewhere in the meantime Ana is brushing her teeth in front of her mirror. The mirror shows widgets and news.

She controls the UI on the mirror using gestures. She then finds Harolds shared article and decides to share it to her other friends as well.

At the same time Will is just arriving at work.

He sits down by his transparent screen and starts working when he sees the piece of news shared by Ana. He tells his co-worker to have a look at it. He can see it from his side of the transparent screen. Will does a quick mash-up of the news. He puts it on his phone.

He meets Harold on his lunch break, the guy who started the sharing link, and gives him the mash up while the phones are stitched together. And they lived happily ever after...

Keep posted because the video is coming soon.