Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pCubee: A Perspective-Corrected Handheld Display

Shaking cows around is such a brilliant idea. I smile every time I see it. This looks like a wonderful toy. To be able to render the scene in correct perspective, they use some kind of magnetic head-tracker mounted on a pair of headphones.


Karine Rosa said...

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Staffan Lincoln said...

Touch screens are very important because of their versatility.

The same physical device can have multiple layouts with buttons in arbitrary places on the screen. Touch screens will be with us forever.

That said, a physical button is easier to find with your fingers. When you play the piano or type really fast, your fingers feel their way to the keys. Both of these can be used by experts without looking. I'm sure we're going to get touch non-flat touch screens that can have raised buttons eventually. If it's 3 years away, or 30, nobody really knows.