Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Open Innovation Day #6

A good discussion spurred from the hitchiking idea - especially that this application could be used within a network: friends of friends on Facebook or within a company - to increase trust.

It almost feels like the two categories FUTURE OF COMMUNICATION and
SCREEN TECHNOLOGY are more and more merging into one. We're keeping them separated on the page, but probably the end result will be an amalgamation if it will be any of these two that wins.

Ash brought up a lot of good points on that smartphones are complete computers if only the peripherals worked, and also that we are surrounded by things that should be screens - one of the things Ash wanted was a mirror that showed weather info etc, and I am happy to see that other geeks are already working on it:

A lot of good discussions on making screens "smarter" and more aware of who's watching created the following picture:

And Antoine's wish on making it easier to share content between screens created this: