Friday, June 11, 2010

Open Innovation Day #4

Here is the video made from Kars input:


Mowitz wants to eliminate the tunnel effect that occurs while driving at high speed.

Neldeborn suggested using facial recognition and streaming the video to your cell so you could see if your car got nicked. Could be coupled with additional features to be a stronger case


Mike would like to get a better view of when his enemies are around, could also be used for friends i guess for those of us that has that :)

Roger shared his thoughts around group calls and having those groups consistent over time, thinking about Google Wave and why that isn't picking up.


Olof introduced the idea of sharing screens and getting control over them by using facial recognition.

Antoine and roger pirched ideas arouund expanding the screen space either by sticthcing, sharing contexts between screens or flexible size. We produced a sketch around this:


Antoine said...

I like that screen stitching concept. While my idea was more collaborative, a device that can be stretched by adding more screens works as well.

Johan said...

I like the screen stiching concept aswell, and as Antoine I thought/have been thinking for a while that you should be able to add your friends screen together. Like if you want to watch a movie (big screen TV), or playing a multiplayer game; like a boardgame. I think a future in mobile phone gaming is back to the analogue feel which is also consistent with augmented reality and so on. I did actually sketch a game like this 2 years ago. maybe I can upload it if I find it.