Monday, November 23, 2009

Spotify on Symbian, powered by TAT technology

The market for downloadable applications will continue to grow in a rapid pace and for content and service providers’ like Spotify mobile reach is of essence
Despite the hype, the Apple App store only accounts for 13% of the total market for downloadable applications; e.g. Symbian/S60 (Nokia) accounts for 46%.

To make a downloadable application (one version) for the Apple App store is easy,
but when you need to go beyond the App store, more or less everything becomes difficult. TAT can have the downloadable application look astonishingly beautiful on Symbian/S60 and also makes sure that you can port this across different platforms, such as Symbian/S60, Android, Windows Phone and iPhone.

Turning a great internet service into an equally attractive and easy-to-use mobile application that works across platforms such as Symbian is challenging both from a technology and a design perspective. TAT had the software solution and design competence required to meet the high demands of Spotify.

The technology used for Spotify's downloadable music application has for long been used by several of the leading handset manufacturers to create advanced user interfaces across various mobile platforms. Using that same technology to build downloadable applications is a logical step as post-loaded services on mobile devices rapidly expands from iPhones to the much larger total smartphone market.

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