Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tissot T-Touch

Check out this watch, which uses the hands to display mode information, and touch technology to choose mode. Very elegant.


Ben Arent said...

Hi Tag.

Nice blog. I found you engadget. Really nice 3D perception interface. I'm working on sometime similar at the TRIL center, developing better interfaces for elders.

You coporate blog seems to be broken.. keep up the great work.


Mark David said...

Well,I have this watch, It has had light use. However, the top of the strap near face has come away, i have got it wet a couple of times. So if you have this watch, be aware of this as straps cost alot! I am a proud owner of a titanium t-touch which is now two weeks old. Its a great looking watch and since its titanium its featherlight. I must say I didnt read the reviews before I baught the watch. You have that luxury, so think about it very very carefully. I just hope mine continues to work well. thanks for the wonderful entry.

Barry Kraft
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