Monday, November 17, 2008

Nokia Morph Concept

Some of this stuff really isn't all that far away. At CHI 2008, there was a paper called "Dynamic Knobs: Shape Change as a Means of Interaction on a Mobile Phone". Imagine a spring loaded mechanism, such as a ball-point pen. Or you could move the button with small motors, just the way a compact camera does with it's lens. The button would plop out when you get a message. You could then reach down into your pocket and feel that there is a message waiting for you, because there would be a button sticking out from the surface of your mobile phone.

/Staffan Lincoln - 4/9/2008

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Pat R said...

maybe with this new nanotechnology they'll soon be able to let little robots loose in the human bloodstream to kill any kind of disease or cancer, etc. (like in science fiction stories)