Friday, October 19, 2007

Symbian Smartphone Show

TAT exhibited in the Texas Instruments booth at the Symbian Smartphone Show, held in London, UK - October 16-17th.

As one could have expected the iPhone hype has not cooled down yet - if you were not talking about touch enabled devices or the importance of having a great user experience you had not done your homework. S60, Samsung, Symbian and all the rest were addressing these trends in their keynotes or in their booths at the show.

For the past five years it has been fairly easy to guess what all the main players in the industry will be talking about, at the upcoming MWC event in Barcelona, one wouldn´t be surprised if the touch and UI trend will linger on all through Q1 next year.

Judging from the interest TAT got, both from carriers, OEMs and platform providers, showing some of our demos relating to creating a rich and seamless user experience, the market is clearly moving in a direction where the UI will become the core differentiator. But of course this will also put tougher requirements on the hardware platforms - areas such as hardware acceleration and Open GL|ES 2.0 will be key to enable truly mind boggling user experiences.

Last but not least one could also see a lot of discussions around Web 2.0 and Social Apps, and the great goal of having everything you have on the PC in the device as well - a task that surely will require UI innovation going forward. Or as Mats Lindoff (SonyEricsson CTO) said: UI is key!!

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