Thursday, November 11, 2010

Free TAT Live Wallpapers for Android

That’s right! This is a unique opportunity to try out three Live Wallpapers from TAT. Normally, TAT only creates these kinds of wallpapers for device manufacturers and network operators. Now we’re releasing three TAT-designed, interactive wallpapers for free, to show off some of the cool things we can do with our powerful TAT Cascades™ UI framework. Our three promotional wallpapers are:

Artemia: a soothing, yet spectacular undersea wallpaper

Artemia is the beautiful home of glowing creatures. Poke them to make them swim a bit faster or tap on the water to see bubbles. Try catching a glimpse of the largest creature in the ocean! Artemia changes dynamically throughout the day, and it even responds when you charge your Android device.

Blue Range: a fun, isometric and living landscape

This fun loving live wallpaper is full of animals with great personalities. Poke them and see what happens! You can affect land elevation and tilt trees and flowers by moving the phone. Watch darkness fall during the nighttime and don’t miss the cool sunbeam effect while charging your device…

Retro Pixels: a game-like wallpaper with old school aesthetics

Explore a retro-style pixelated world. Flowers bloom when you receive text messages and calls, leaves fall when you shake the phone, and at night the moon rises. This wallpaper also has four hidden secrets. Will you be able to find them all? And can you really trust the duck?

Check out the trailer below, then go get the live wallpapers for free from Android Market!

Artemia QR code or download directly from your Android phone

Artemia needs access to the accelerometer.
The world in Artemia will rotate when the device is tilted. Bubbles will appear when the device is shaken.

Blue Range QR code or download directly from your Android phone

Blue Range needs access to the accelerometer.
The trees in Blue Range will lean with the device when tilted.

Retro Pixels QR code or download directly from your Android phone

Retro Pixels needs access to sms/contact data and accelerometer.
The flowers in Retro Pixels will bloom when texts and calls are received. Leaves will fall off the tree when the device is shaken.

Supported Devices

Samsung Galaxy S

HTC Desire

HTC Nexus One

Motorola Milestone/Droid


Niklas said...

Youtube klippet funkar inte :( said...

I only see Artemia (Galaxy S 2.2 France) said...

Ok, this morning I can see the others.

Unknown said...

Why would a lwp need to read my sms and contacts? If there is a comprehensible reason, please put it in the app's info text.

minnamaria said...

@Gerrit The flowers in Retro Pixels will bloom when you receive texts or calls. This is why the wallpaper needs access to sms and contact info.

Siddharth said...

I uncovered the four hidden secrets in the Retro Pixels wallpaper but wasn't able to notice any "rewards". Can anyone please tell me what these "rewards" are?

Unknown said...

I can't see any of these on a US Captivate

antyx said...

All three work on Desire Z.

Unknown said...

Can't see any on US HTC Aria

Jason Syn said...

Hey Siddarth, wanna let me know what the 4th secret is? I got the tree, the bear and one other. I can't figure out the 4th...

Unknown said...

would love to test it, but it doesn't run on my HTC Hero.

Ana Domingues, London

Mirizma said...

can't seem to find this through the QR codes, or by the l;ink... I have a motorola DEXT... really want it though!

saeys said...

Can only see Artemia on SE X10 mini.