Friday, February 27, 2009

Apparently 3D eyetracking is HOT!!

Judging from this weeks overwhelming publicity on various blogs around the globe 3D eyetracking is HOT :-)

What we want to make sure that our viewers understand is that, although a prototype, it should be fully realizable with today's UI technology and hardware.

We are happy to share some of the things that have been posted lately - to keep the discussion going, of course.

Je suis bluffé ! Pas d’autres mots pour définir mon état devant cette interface 3D pour mobile. C’est très impressionnant. Apple devrait acheter ce concept et l’adapter à son iPhone. Dans tous les cas, la mise en place de cette interface sur un mobile constituerait, à mon sens, un outil marketing imparable face à la concurrence.

Here’s something you certainly don’t see every day. The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) has come up with a cell phone user interface that gives a convincing sense of depth and layers by tracking you eyes using their self-developed 3G engine. It basically relies on your eyes’ location in relation to the device’s orientation to render the display in such a way to look 3D. Check out the video and see for yourself. Hopefully such technology will become common place, as it certainly looks very cool.

What you see here is definitely eye-catching to say the least - this cell phone user interface demonstration offer what standard flat interface elements cannot - a convincing sense of depth and layers simply by tracking one's eyes while using The Astonishing Tribe's (TAT) self-developed 3D engine that renders in real time. In essence, it will rely on your eyes' locations with the device's orientation in order to come to the right equation so that the software will be able to create a convincing 3D effect when looked at. We hope for the day where such user interfaces are more common as it will certainly be more engaging compared to a standard 2D menu with simple animation (or none at all sometimes) to its icons.

Business Garden:
Pour commencer, voici un simple menu statique qui donne une parfaite illusion de 3D quand on manipule son téléphone… L’ombre des icones se déplace en fonction de l’inclinaison de l’écran au creux de la main, et de la position du regard. Cela donne une impression de profondeur de l’écran (bluffant !):

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TAT gains significant post-MWC momentum

Even though MWC 2009 has closed its doors for this year’s event we are happy to share some of the amazing traction TAT has experienced post-MWC. Several of the leading mobile industry media and blogs are reporting on the demos TAT showed off. on the Foldout physics UI demo
Wow, this is a very interesting interface that comes from TAT. Though it may not lead to the highest level of productivity, it sure is visually stunning, and even quite intuitive.
Full report >>

Gizmodo on the 3D eyetracking UI concept
The Astonishing Tribe has posted another eye-candy cellphone UI demo for the world to ogle at. Unlike their last endeavor, though, this one might have a future on our phones. At least, I hope so.
Full report >>

Pocket picks on the Foldout physics UI demo
Yes, everyone always asks everyone else what the best thing they saw at whichever show they have been to was, so in order to let everyone know - the best thing I saw at Mobile World Congress 09 was The Astonishing Tribe’s LittleBigPlanet-inspired 3D user interface demo.
Full report >>

Engadget on the 3D eyetracking UI concept
Ever notice the word "Malmo" emblazoned across the face of Android's analog clock widget? That's a subtle nod to the city where the Swedish design team called TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) is headquartered. So when TAT releases a new "3Deyetracking UI" concept that lets you see behind on-screen objects, well, you can bet that the entire cellphone industry is paying attention.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tissot T-Touch

Check out this watch, which uses the hands to display mode information, and touch technology to choose mode. Very elegant.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Papervision3D augmented reality wormhole

This is kind of scary.