Friday, August 20, 2010

Exploring Tablet Interfaces

In 2010 and 2011 there will be a device explosion in the Tablet space. We can expect to see a wide variety of new devices ranging from 5 to 12 inches on operative systems such as MeeGo, Android and Windows 7. What kind of user experiences will these devices offer? How do you design astonishing tablet interfaces?

On one hand we have companies that scale phone UIs to tablets. On the other hand we have companies offering the full blown desktop experience scaled down to tablet size. We believe that both of these approaches will result in crippled user experiences. For example, the tablet form factor is perfect for media consumption and this could be manifested in the UI. TAT recognizes tablets as a radically different type of device - personal and mobile yet powerful and creative. We are now on a quest to design fantastic UIs that are optimized for this device space.

Follow the link to check out Velvet - a playful concept UI for MeeGo tablets by TAT and Wind River. With full support for 3D graphics and shaders, TAT Cascades enables astonishing UIs on MeeGo, Android and other tablet OSs.


Marcelo said...

Hi Guys!
I was waiting for some love in the tablet world from you ;) Nicely done.
While I don't think I would use the curtains it's good to show that tablets open a whole array of possibilities to be explored and that scaling from phone OS shouldn't be the norm. They deserve a custom experience!

Cheers from Brazil!

Reggie said...

You guys should do a formal demo at the MeeGo Conference! There are only a few more days to submit a session proposal:

Anonymous said...


matrix2004 said...

This is 2010.....i think we will be seeing demos for years without a release for Android.

I predict release in 2020.

孟湖聿軒 said...

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