Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Text 2.0

I think this is very exiting. Just like you have adaptive music in games that heightens the mood, so too could you have music in your book, that changes depending on what you´re reading right now. Or, you could even have a song book, that played accompaniment in the speed you´re reading. Or maybe that would just be weird.

It would be nice to experiment with dimming text that you´ve already read. Distracting, or awesome? Only testing it will tell me for sure.

Counting the word-speed could help find passages in a text that are hard to read. This would be awesome for wikipedia, as it could automatically flag passages for revision.

Exiting times ahead, when built in cameras will be hi-rez, and hi-speed, and computing power will be endless. Then, eye-tracking will be cheap, and reliable. This is within reach in a few years.

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