Friday, December 11, 2009

TAT makes business apps useful on Android

Making a complex desktop internet application useful on a mobile phone is not easy.

QlikView knows this and have turned to TAT for the design and technology expertise required to meet their high demands on usefulness when mobilizing their popular business intelligence application QlikView. The Android version will be their first implementation using TAT Cascades, and it seems QlikView may in turn be the first ever business intelligence application to launch on Android.

Using TAT Cascades on top of Android makes it possible to implement an application design that does not compromise, neither on QlikView’s brand values nor on the application functionality or usefulness. And after implementation on Android, scaling to other operating systems or form factors is made easy by the functionality provided in TAT Cascades.

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Unknown said...

You should seriously think about designing and building your own Android "overlay" UI (like Sence UI on Android HTC devices)