Monday, September 21, 2009

TAT RedDish

RedDish is a new demo UI that shows off the 3D capabilties of TAT Cascades. Running on Mali-200 GPU based target hardware, the demo uses Open GL|ES 2.0 shaders and 4xAA anti aliasing.

The design concept shows how 3D can enable seamless UI navigation. It allows users to navigate between applications in the front to widgets located in the background in one, coherent space.

The dish shown in the video is a people-centric communication application, which combines a contact list with social network applications. By spinning the lower part of the disc, different contacts can be accessed. Depending on the ways in which one can communicate with this contact, different applications and channels appear at the top of the disc. This marks a step away from traditional, application-centric UIs, where users first must open a social network application before selecting the person they want to communicate with.

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