Friday, June 5, 2009

Malmö University K3: Bubble UI

As part of their mobile applications course, Ivar Boson, David Christensen, Tomas Lundqvist, and Axel Jacobson prototyped this branching UI concept.

They envision this as a user customized homescreen/launcher. It explores new methods of exploring applications and media. Though there are some issues with the concept (e.g. attaching a novel free form, branching menu structure to a rigid cube), it is impressive to see design students questioning existing UI paradigms - and creating hands-on prototypes!

Along with the rest of their class, they were over to TAT today to present their concepts and show a wide range of applications. Thanks to K3 and all the students.


Staffan Lincoln said...

I love the weird 2d/3d mash up, where stuff gets smaller to indicate depth, but at the same time exist on the same plane and bump into each other, to avoid overlap. Novel.

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